Company Profile

Vehicle Shipping Pioneers
Armacup pioneered the Japanese used car trade to New Zealand by commissioning the first Pure Car Carrier (or “PCC”) in this trade in 1989. Larger and more versatile vessels have been acquired over the years offering increased capacity for passenger vehicles whilst adding high deck capacity for trucks, buses and all kinds of high and heavy machinery.

From New Zealand to Japan & Beyond Armacup
Maritime Services Limited is the Managing Agent for Armacup with its Head Office based in Auckland (New Zealand). In 2000, Armacup Japan K.K. was established in Tokyo to support its operational and commercial activities in the region. In 2013, Armacup Maritime Services established its own branch in Seoul (South Korea) which is reflective of its growing importance in the region.

Flexible Modern Fleet
Our fleet of modern and sophisticated Pure Car & Truck Carriers (“PCTC”) are virtually unlimited in their ability to handle passenger vehicles, trucks, buses machinery of all kinds as well as non-wheeled cargoes such as breakbulk and static project cargoes. The latter can be handled using our tailor made trailers that can be efficiently rolled on and off our vessels. Our target is to deliver your cargo safely and expeditiously and ensuring that the cargo always arrives in the same condition as it was presented for shipment.

Expertise at your fingertips
Armacup is a continuously evolving organisation and will continue to embrace new challenges and the development and growth of its business scope that our valued customers expect. With its own in-house expertise, supported by an extensive and highly experienced agency network, Armacup is well placed to continuously adapt in an ever changing environment, leading from the front.